Waterfalls in Victoria, Australia

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cascades Falls (Murrindindi Scenic Reserve, Yea, Victoria, Australia)

Cascades Falls is situated within the centre of the Murrindindi Scenic Reserve; and is about 30kms south of Yea.

Fantastic views; and easy access to water. Short walking distance to the falls.

The nearest place of interest is the famous Wilhelmina Falls (just about 3km).

The car Park for this walk is located off the Murrindindi Scenic Dr.

The look from the bridge which sits right beneath the falls; makes you feel like want to stay there for the whole day.

If you are interested in swimming or dipping your body in the fresh cold water; this is the place to do it. This fall is highly recommended for nature lovers. I rate it 5 stars; and is very similar to Keppels Falls in Marysville, Victoria-Australia.

Murrindindi schenic drive; is a dirt road and you are adviced to use a 4WD to get around there. Various 4WD trucks around the area; and mostly is used for beginners.

Also if you are interestred in camping; there are at least 10 camping sites.

Thanks to Stevo for suggesting this waterfall. Stevo's father owns a farm in the area.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wilhelmina Falls (Murrindindi Scenic Reserve, Yea, Victoria, Australia)

Wilhelmina Falls in the Murrindindi Scenic Reserve is on a tributary of Murrindindi River. The reserve is a great place for a short walk. A reasonably easy walking track to the falls of about 1.8 kilometres takes you to the colourful rock face and its waterfall. The parking and picnic area is about a 40 minute drive from Yea.

The nearest falls is the Cascades; about 3km north; towards Yea.

Thanks to Stevo for suggesting this waterfall. Stevo's father owns a farm in the area.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Pfeiffer Falls (Marysville, Victoria - Australia)

This is the smallest waterfall i ever seen.

we came to it by accident; when I was 4WDing in the area of Stevensen falls.

Surprisingly it has a sign on it; but never found any link to it in internet.

Keppel Falls (Marysville, Victoria - Australia)

About 500 metres past the Phantom Falls Walk is the Keppel Falls Walk.

From the car park follow the walking track to the two viewing decks that reach out over the rushing waters of the Taggerty River. The falls were found and named by the Keppel Brothers who settled in the area in the early 1880’s. Keep your eyes out for Lyrebirds which are common in this area, and are often seen after rain.
The walk is of easy to medium standard, and is a 2 kilometre walk return, which may take about 1 hour at leisurely pace.

Same area where Phantom falls is; nice dirt road to the falls (for 4WDs entheutiasts).

around 4km round-trip walk to the falls. Don't go there when it is dark; you might encounter foxes on the way.

I certainly heard noises; but didn't tell the wife and kids about it. I picked up a stick and walked with it just in case. The family then followed suit; without knowing the true reason why I am holding a sharp stick...heheheh..

Phantom Falls (Marysville, Victoria - Australia)

Phantom falls is within a short steep walk from the car park takes you up from the Taggerty River into a moist fern gully where the Phantom Falls Creek weaves its way through exposed rocks and thick tree fern trunks. From the viewing platform, the falls are particularly spectacular in spring when the snow melting from Mount Margaret creates a fierce flow.

The walk is a steep grade and is about 800 metres return, which will take approximately 1 hour at leisurely pace.

It is a fatastic place to be in. Natural walk to the falls; very discrete and full of surprises. You will be as close to the water fall as ever.

Masons Falls (King Lake, Victoria - Australia)

Masons falls is located within forested slopes in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range for over 100 years, originally lured by the promise of gold and by timber, but more recently by the prospect of refreshing walks in beautiful native bush.

From the visitor centre follow the ridge to the top of Mt Sugarloaf for views over the surrounding countryside as far as the city and Port Phillip Bay. The track loops around through cool, shaded fern gullies along Running Creek, open messmate and peppermint forest and a colourful understorey of heath on the drier ridges, where wildflowers blossom in spring. This rich and diverse vegetation offers a home to wallabies, koalas, echidnas and wombats, as well as many native birds, including peregrine falcons and lyrebirds.

A short sidetrack near the main picnic ground leads to a scenic lookout with stunning views of majestic Masons Falls and the rocky gorge downstream. The trail also includes the beautiful Lyrebird Circuit from Masons Falls Picnic Ground, a shady path suitable for wheelchairs that winds past some of the park’s tallest trees.

Stevenson's Falls (Marysville, Victoria - Australia)

This is the only waterfall that have open access to public in day and night.

Interesting falls; easy access; however; it is far from being natural.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Erskine Falls (Lorne, Victoria - Australia)

Erskine Falls are at the end of Erskine Falls Road 10km north east of Lorne. There is a viewing point above the falls and a walking track, steep in places, leads to the base of the falls. The falls cascade over one of the highest drops in the Otways.