Waterfalls in Victoria, Australia

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cascades Falls (Murrindindi Scenic Reserve, Yea, Victoria, Australia)

Cascades Falls is situated within the centre of the Murrindindi Scenic Reserve; and is about 30kms south of Yea.

Fantastic views; and easy access to water. Short walking distance to the falls.

The nearest place of interest is the famous Wilhelmina Falls (just about 3km).

The car Park for this walk is located off the Murrindindi Scenic Dr.

The look from the bridge which sits right beneath the falls; makes you feel like want to stay there for the whole day.

If you are interested in swimming or dipping your body in the fresh cold water; this is the place to do it. This fall is highly recommended for nature lovers. I rate it 5 stars; and is very similar to Keppels Falls in Marysville, Victoria-Australia.

Murrindindi schenic drive; is a dirt road and you are adviced to use a 4WD to get around there. Various 4WD trucks around the area; and mostly is used for beginners.

Also if you are interestred in camping; there are at least 10 camping sites.

Thanks to Stevo for suggesting this waterfall. Stevo's father owns a farm in the area.


  • the good thing about your blog is, its natural. Appreciate your views and added my comment on it. keep it moving and have a great blog. cheers !!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 April, 2006 07:42  

  • You live in an amazing place. I also love waterfalls, there are lots around where I live in Canada. Mick

    By Blogger Mick, at 22 April, 2006 01:09  

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