Waterfalls in Victoria, Australia

Monday, March 13, 2006

Keppel Falls (Marysville, Victoria - Australia)

About 500 metres past the Phantom Falls Walk is the Keppel Falls Walk.

From the car park follow the walking track to the two viewing decks that reach out over the rushing waters of the Taggerty River. The falls were found and named by the Keppel Brothers who settled in the area in the early 1880’s. Keep your eyes out for Lyrebirds which are common in this area, and are often seen after rain.
The walk is of easy to medium standard, and is a 2 kilometre walk return, which may take about 1 hour at leisurely pace.

Same area where Phantom falls is; nice dirt road to the falls (for 4WDs entheutiasts).

around 4km round-trip walk to the falls. Don't go there when it is dark; you might encounter foxes on the way.

I certainly heard noises; but didn't tell the wife and kids about it. I picked up a stick and walked with it just in case. The family then followed suit; without knowing the true reason why I am holding a sharp stick...heheheh..


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