Waterfalls in Victoria, Australia

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cora Lynns Falls (Cumbarville, Marysville, Victoria - Australia)

Cora lynns falls. The walking track began from the Woods Poit Road (from Marysville to Cumbarville, few kelometers after the Lake Mountain junction).

The length of the track is 550m (about 15 minutes walk) through the rain forest.

The nearest falls is the Mumberland falls. My next destination for the week.

The areas attractions are the Lake Mountain (snow resorts), Camping areas, 4WD tracks and biking tracks.

The falls

Water flowing - refreshing

Water flowing

(victoria parks - cora lynns falls - road sign)

Walking track - fern trees

A big tree on the walking track. Probably aged at more than 100 years.

Avenue of ferns.

A big fern tree

Welcome to the rain forest

The wooden stairs leading to the viewing platform


  • I'm glad I stumbled across this site - as a former resident of Victoria and a waterfall lover, many of these scenes are familiar! I hope you continue to travel around and take photos, I'd love to see more.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 May, 2006 07:07  

  • Sure I will do Adam. It's one obligation I took over myself; to stay away from my home on the weekends..:)

    By Blogger Ismail, at 15 May, 2006 17:52  

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